Aboard the Sailing Vessel

Hello, I'm David Royall.

I was born in New York City; 53 years before the turn of the century.

As a child, I would sneak a peek at the horizon and wonder, "What lies beyond?". But tall gray buildings of the city usually blocked my view, increasing my curiousity. "What lies beyond?"

I became an air traffic controller while in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam situation. That training was quite valuable when I left the military. I parlayed my air traffic control skills into a exciting aviation career that I retired from on January 2, 2004, after 38 rewarding years.

I traveled extensively while in the military, and later while working for the FAA. But my thirst for "what lies beyond" the horizon was never quite quenched.

Because of the oil shortages of the early 1970's, I set a goal to, someday, see the world by sailboat. Sailboats were not impacted by the fuel shortages that we had at the end of the Vietnam War.

Those were the days before "The Middle-East" was a household term in the United States. With our troops out of "the Nam", we lost access to the bountiful oil field in the Gulf of Tonkin. Th U.S. started looking elsewhere for our energy needs. America's interest in the Persian Gulf increased. My interest in energy efficient sailing vessels was born.

The years passed rapidly. Life's circumstances and the world around us changed many times. I became a family man. My only child, Inda, grew up and graduated from college. My small general contracting firm did not survive the real estate downturn of the late 1980's. Fortunately, my aviation background covered the cost of Inda's education and most of the costs of dumb business decisions. Through it all, I still wondered,"What lies beyond?", and my dream of sailing aboard my own mobile island never went away.

When Jill and I became best friends we talked endlessly of living near the ocean and seeing the world by sailboat.

Those talks and dreams led us to take several sailing courses, then to buy a 22 year-old vessel that is now taking us beyond the horizon.

We named her Shibumi.

Jill Stauffer This section is still under construction. Jill is a great writer she just does not like to write, especially about herself. So, I will provide a quick sketch...

Jill is my best friend and soulmate. A smile is her trademark. Her organizational skills are phenomenal. And her tolerance for my odd-ball ideas and excursions is beyond expanation, but much appreciated.

Born in Ohio. educated in Florida, New Jersey and Illinois, Jill has a masters degree in business administration. She has three children, now all adults, and four grandkids.

Jill retired from FAA, at the start of 2004, after 22 years of air traffic control.

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