Aboard the Sailing Vessel
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February 19, 2005


Located in the massive Elizabeth Harbor, Georgetown is the largest town in the Exumas. It has become natural for those of us traveling to Elizabeth Harbor to say we are going to Georgetown; when in fact, most of us anchor across the harbor from the city at Stocking Island.

It is the giant 9 mile long harbor that has become the Mecca of cruising boats from all over the western hemisphere. Boats planning to go further south into the Caribbean, boats coming north from the Caribbean and boats turning around here to go back to the states all find Georgetown to be a perfect stopover. It is a place to re-stock the boat, meet other boaters, and get some rest, exercise, and entertainment before traveling on.

Each day here starts with the boater's net. The boater's net is a radio network of all of the boater's in the harbor who want to communicate a message to all of the other boater's. Recipes, maintence assistance, lost and found, taxi sharing, the days activity schedule, local business announcements, and anything else anyone wants everyone to know is broadcasted during the early morning radio session.

This place is like a giant adult winter camp... ham radio classes ,fishing, music lessons, painting classes, church on the beach, volleyball, softball, tennis, boat races, cookouts, scuba diving, walking tours, straw markets, weather forecasting courses, you name it... it is here.

On our first full day in the Harbor we went to Chat and Chill, is a nice little beach side club on Volleyball beach.

KB's property sits on a point with 9 acres called Volleyball Beach. It has beach front on two of the three legs of its triangular plot. Along with volleyball courts and the restaurant Chat and Chills also hosted bonfires on the beach, and many of the activities for the cruiser's regatta. KB is set up rather well and has plans to enlarge the restaurant and bar including a charter boat service.

Most of the cruisers in the harbor considered Chat and Chill as the central meeting place.

Oh and I forgot to mention KB's outstanding Bar-Bar-Que ribs.

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