Aboard the Sailing Vessel

January 25, 2005

Farewell to Sampson Cay
Shibumi slipped the dock-lines, at noon on Tuesday, and motored out of Sampson Cay Marina following a ten-day stay.

During that stay Jill recovered from the chest congestion that had her down for about three weeks.

Also at the marina, we met some great people. Some of them were other cruisers, others ex-patriot Americans on the marina staff, and there were the more than gracious local Bahamians. Nearly everyone we met were wonderful to be around and we hope to cross paths with them again.

Sampson Cay Marina

Jill's Hair-Style Changes Again
Jill decided to take her platts (braids) out before we left the marina.

To remove the platts she had to apply conditioner to her hair. That would require quite a bit of water. Since Shibumi's water supply is precious when we are away from shore, she used the marina water for the de-platting.

Stasia from the sailing vessel "To Us"
helps Jill remove her braids.
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