Aboard the Sailing Vessel

January 23, 2004
Farmer's market... delivering Jill's car to the farm...
ALAHCUA COUNTY, FL The weather this morning was clear, breezy and just a little chilly. We slept well last night aboard Shibumi; still docked behind our Palm Coast house. We only used Shibumi's aft-cabin heater long enough to take the chill out of the air when we got up in the morning. Our sleeping bag keeps us toasty warm in the nippy night-time air. We will revert to traditional sheets and blankets on the large aft-stateroom berth, when we get a little further south and into warmer climates, next week.

After taking care of some business at the bank in Palm Coast, we visited the farmer's market that is held in the park in Flagler Beach every Friday. What a great selection of fruits, vegetables, plants, leguimes and other produce. We decided that this would be a Friday morning ritual after we return from our quest for warm weather and move into the house in Palm Coast, next June.

From Flagler Beach we drove across Florida, in both cars, to Alachua County. Jill made arrangements with Evelyn, a friend of her mother, to leave her car until June. Evelyn has a farm in High Springs. Jill was able to park her car in the barn. It was a wonderful drive, in both directions, through picturesque farm land. The Interlocken area of central Florida has teriffic lakes and rolling terrain with trees that intermittantly played with the sun in a beautiful pattern of sunlight and shade.

Back in Palm Coast that evening, we spent our time aboard Shibumi arranging and organizing our stuff on the small 44-foot island that will be our home for the next several months.

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