Aboard the Sailing Vessel

January 21, 2005

Dinghy Ride to Staniel Cay

Jill and I decided to take advantage of the first nice day we have had since she has been feeling better. We took the 8 mile (round-trip) dinghy ride from Sampson Cay to Staniel Cay.

The red swiggly line on the map shows the path we took.

We started at the red "A" at the top of the map. Staniel Cay is located at the red "C" in the lower right.

We stopped along the way to talk with folks anchored on the boats near the red "B" in the middle of the map.

As we traveled back to Sampson Cay we came upon vigorous breaking waves at the red "D". This is a point where the tide rushes out to the ocean, creating a pretty strong current.

We were pretty wet when we got back to Shibumi.

Two dinghies head off for Staniel Cay taking the same route Jill and I took the day before.

In one dinghy is Howard and Suzanne from "Leadership", on the right.
In the other dinghy is Steve and Sue from "Neshuma".

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