Aboard the Sailing Vessel

January 20, 2005

Running From the Wind
The cold front came through a few nights ago. We were tucked comfortably in the marina at Sampson Cay. While listening to the radio traffic it sounded as if a few boats were having problems with anchors holding, but most sounded relieved that the front did not produce a strong west wind.

The boats that were traveling with us earlier are safely moored or anchored in various locations. "Dark & Stormy" and "Brass Dragon" are on mooring balls in protected waters near Warderwick Wells National Park. "Breathless", Stargazer", and "Water Music" are safely anchored off of Big Majors Cay. They were happy that the front did not produce any significant west wind.

Now another cold front is expected. This time it is to produce Gale force wind. This front is to be strong with prolonged southwest and west wind. That puts us in the same position we were in last week. We will have to find somewhere to hide from the westerly wind. We can not afford to stay in the marina through all of these fronts. Besides, Jill is feeling much better now, so we can handle a little more drama at anchor than we could have a few days ago.

After looking at the charts and talking to some of the local boaters, we decided to ride out our first Gale, if it develops, at the marina in Sampson Cay. We checked with the dockmaster to make weekend arrangements... "No problem, Mon".

Waiting out the weather
playing Backgammon and Farcal.

Update of Jill's Health
Jill is feeling good again. She does not like it when I ask her how is she feeling, every fifteen minutes. So, maybe I'll decrease my checks to once an hour.

But seriously, I can tell by looking at her that she is well. Other than a slight cough, life is good.

Speaking of health issues, I heard from Don on "Dark & Stormy" yesterday. He said that Mary's arm is much better too.

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