Aboard the Sailing Vessel

January 14, 2005

Satellite Phone Service Woes
We rely on our Globalstar satellite phone to keep in contact with family and to update this web site.

For the past two days we have had no service. That is not ordinarilly a problem. However this time Jill wanted very much to get in touch with her kids. She had learned, via email, that her kids grandfather, their father's father, had passed away. She really wanted to be there with them. That not being possible the next best time was to call. But Globalstar let her down.

Since you are reading this, either our phone service is back or we tripped across a wireless Internet hot-spot like they had on Norman's Cay.

Boat Radio Traffic
As we traveled down the east coast of Florida, then spending time in Miami, Nassau and Norman's Cay we noticed the various boat names that we heard on the radio.

Denaly Rose... Golden-Eye... Nutmeg... Seduction... Genesis... Feeling Irie... Choices... Boomer... Provedencia... Islander... Realtime... To Us... Breathless, Shibumi... Dark & Stormy... Brass Dragon... Stargazer... Water Music... Island Star... Free Spirit... Leadership...Blue Thunder...Foreclosure... Running Free... Orient Express... Dreamer... Blue Yonder... Sangaela... Meteor... Rainbow's End... Half Shell... Windwalker... Tradition... Windborn... to name the most active.

Often we would hear the radio traffic from the same boats for days or even weeks at a time. Sometimes we would get to meet the people attached to the radio voices. When that happens it is like you already know them.

There are long periods when we no longer hear certain boats. Either we had sailed out of range or they moved-on. After sitting in one place for awhile, or sailing into a new port, a boat name that we had not heard for awhile will again boom over the airwaves.

A small tinge of joy is felt knowing that a kindred spirit is okay and in range again.

Update On Jill's Health
After our sail from Norman's Cay to Emerald Rock, Jill felt very tired for a day.

She tried to rest. Those of you who know Jill understand that rest is not in her vocabulary. But she is trying, between rearranging under the galley sink and thinking about baking bread she listens to my harping and lies down for awhile.

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